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Athens is the capital city of The Kingdom of Greece. It is located in Atlantic area, in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the starting port for new players.

Athens consists of 6 areas: offshore, dock, city, suburb, tavern and church. Both offshore and dock are directly accessible from high seas.

Athens is siegeable and it can be owned by guilds.

Offshore Edit

Athens is defended by 4 barbettes and 1 main emplacement which are located in offshore. In addition to regular dock, offshore contains 4 decharge beaches through which dock can be accessed.

There are several fishing shoals available daily in which following items can be fished.

Icon Item name
Tunny - Icon Tunny
Sardine - Icon Sardine
Sea Urchin - Icon Sea Urchin
Siebold's Cone - Icon Siebold's Cone
Lettered Cone - Icon Lettered Cone
Level 1 Timber - Icon Level 1 Timber
Provision - Icon Provision
Cannon Balls - Icon Cannon Balls

Dock Edit

Athens Port - Map

Athens dock map

List of NPC's Edit

Common NPC's
Docker (European) - Icon Docker
Guard (Greek) - Icon Guard
Vendors and exchangers
Shipyard Boss (European) - Icon Shipyard Boss
Ability book exchange Master - Icon Ability book exchange Master
Administrator of Master & Apprentice System - Icon Administrator of Master & Apprentice System
Points Exchanger - Icon Points Exchanger
Point Card Conductor - Icon Point Card Conductor
Other NPC's
Voyage Tutor - Icon Voyage Tutor
Voyage Inspector - Icon Voyage Inspector
Practice Field Administrator - Icon Practice Field Administrator
Collecting field conservator - Icon Collecting field conservator
Daily Instance Quests Giver - Icon Daily Instance Quests Giver
Trader Quest Giver - Icon Trader Quest Giver
Coaching Quest Guide - Icon Coaching Quest Guide
The Veteran - Icon The Veteran
Combat Event Teleporter - Icon Combat Event Teleporter
Sea Battle (Single) Master - Icon Sea Battle (Single) Master
Land Battle (Single) Master - Icon Land Battle (Single) Master
The Benevolent Voyager - Icon The Benevolent Voyager
Gift Envoy - Icon Gift Envoy
Thomas - Icon Thomas
Adis - Icon Adis
Langer - Icon Langer
Turle - Icon Turtle
Crab - Icon Crab

City Edit

Athens City - Map

Athens city map

List of NPC's Edit

Common NPC's
Bank Clerk (European) - Icon Bank Clerk
Warehouse Manager (European) - Icon Warehouse Manager
Skill Tutor (European) - Icon Skill Tutor
Guild Manager (European) - Icon Guild Manager
Official (European) - Icon Official
Guard (Greek) - Icon Guard
Vendors and exchangers
Administrator of Master & Prentice System - Icon Administrator of Master & Prentice System
Alchemist (European) - Icon Alchemist
Blacksmith (European) - Icon Blacksmith
General Chevay - Icon General Chevay
Lieutenant Jake - Icon Lieutenant Jake
Municipal Minister - Icon Municipal Minister
Pet Merchant - Icon Pet Merchant
Snag Me Booties Event Exchanger - Icon Snag Me Booties Event Exchanger
Siege War Flag Merchant - Icon Siege War Flag Merchant
Tailor (European) - Icon Tailor
Trader (European) - Icon Trader
Master NPC's
Adventurer Alliance Master - Icon Adventurer Alliance Master
Ares Warrior Alliance Master - Icon Ares Warrior Alliance Master
Master of Alliance - Icon Master of Alliance
Merchant Guild Master - Icon Merchant Guild Master
Other NPC's
Colonial Minister - Icon Colonial Minister
Merchant's Alliance Messenger - Icon Merchant's Alliance Messenger
Aiolia - Icon Aiolia
Albertus - Icon Albertus
Alk - Icon Alk
Atos.Willtay - Icon Atos.Willtay
Apothecary Donodi - Icon Apothecary Donodi
Eos - Icon Eos
Joseph - Icon Joseph
Natasha - Icon Natasha
Paul.Deloach - Icon Paul.Deloach
Pascal - Icon Pascal
Sparta - Icon Sparta
Ursula - Icon Ursula
Verne (Profession Mentor) - Icon Verne (Profession Mentor)

Church Edit

Athens Church - Map

Athens church map

Priest (Athens) - Icon Priest

Tavern Edit

Athens Tavern - Map

Athens tavern map

Common NPC's
Tavern Boss (European) - Icon Tavern Boss
Helen - Icon Helen
Pamafes - Icon Pamafes
Wendora - Icon Wendora

Suburb Edit

Athens Suburb - Map

Athens suburb map

Alexandria - Icon Alexandria
Farmer - Icon Farmer
Grant - Icon Grant
Jarolim - Icon Jarolim
Logger - Icon Logger
Miner - Icon Miner
Hare - Icon Hares
Hedgehog - Icon Hedgehog
Pheasant - Icon Pheasant
Red Fox - Icon Red Fox
Tameable Redfox - Icon Tameable Redfox
Goat - Icon Goat
Bellwether - Icon Bellwether
Reindeer - Icon Reindeer
Depressed Poet - Icon Depressed Poet

Plants Edit

Icon Item name
Catnip - Icon Catnip
Jute - Icon Jute
Linen (Plant) - Icon Linen

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