Belief slot

Belief slot (shown in red)

Belief is an item that can be equipped to enhance characters stats.

This sort of item contributes to the characters land and sea stats. Beliefs act upon whole team, if one player wears one, all the players in the team will gain a stat boost as long as they are in visual range. Same beliefs do not stack, so if two players wear the same belief, they will only gain stats from one belief.

Belief items are equipped in the belief slot. Each character has one belief slot available.

Beliefs have durability but the durability never decreases, meaning they are permanent items which never have to be taken down and repaired.

Beliefs have weight attribute and they will take a part of the characters load regardless if they are equipped or not.

Naming Edit

Beliefs are sometimes referred to as Faiths, possibly due to a translation error.

Fusion Edit

Belief fusion interface

Belief fusion interface

Belief items can be fused together. Fusing two beliefs will add random stats from one to the other. There is no limit how many times a belief can be fused. Fusion is performed at Tripoli port by talking to an NPC named Faith Fusion Master.

Available beliefs Edit

List of all beliefs available in game can be found on the page below.