Caraoelle Sailboat with Cannon

Caraoelle Sailboat with Cannon

A cannon is a piece of artillery that uses gunpowder or other explosive-based propellants to launch a projectile. In that way, cannons are used to deal damage to enemy ships. More attack the cannon has, more damage it inflicts. Exact formula for calculating the damage can be found damage calculation page.

This sort of item contributes to the ships cannon attack, cannon fight radius, cannon fire angle and cannon loading time. These stats cannot be upgraded using refining stones. Cannons cannot be refined at all.

Cannon slot

Cannon slots (shown in red)

Cannons are equipped in the cannon slot. Every ship has two cannon slots, left one often called port and right one often called starboard.

Cannons don't have durability, so it never decreases, no matter how many times they're used. Cannons can be destroyed, if the ship hull falls below 20%, and it still keeps being attacked. Even if the damage to hull is being shown as 0, there is still a chance for cannons to get destroyed.

Cannons have weight attribute. While stored in ships inventory, they will take up portion of the ships load. After equipping, they will become weightless, they will not take any of the ships load.

Cannons can be crafted using Foundry skill. They are also dropped in various battlefields and instances from various ships.

Cannon typesEdit

Ship armors were originally divided into four types:

  • Buckshot cannon - medium attack, medium range, high fire angle, medium loading time
  • Howitzer cannon - medium attack, high range, low fire angle, slow loading time
  • Dartling cannon - low attack, medium range, medium fire angle, fast loading time
  • Cannon - balanced, medium attack, medium range, medium fire angle, medium loading time

Later this type of division was abandoned and replaced with mixed type cannons.

Cannon listEdit

List of all cannons available in game can be found on the page below.