A cannonball is round shot ammunition for a cannon.

Cannonballs are used to deal damage to enemy ships by firing them from a cannon. Exact formula for calculating the damage can be found on damage calculation page.

Cannonballs are stored in ships inventory, in the ammunition column. Ammunition column has 6 slots available, so it is possible to hold up to 6 different types of cannonballs at the same time. Cannonballs have weight attribute and while stored in ships inventory, they will take up portion of the ships load.

Cannonball typesEdit

Cannonballs were originally divided into four types:

  • Armor piercing balls - deals extra damage to the hull durability.
  • Chain canister balls - deals extra damage to the sail durability.
  • Canister balls - deals extra damage to the sailor amount.
  • Cannon balls - a mix of the three types above.

Later this type of division was abandoned and replaced with mixed type cannonballs which provide additional debuff effects.

Cannonball listEdit

List of all cannonballs available in game can be found on the page below.