A grapple is a hook or claw used to damage or hold ships.

Grapples are most often used to board enemy ships, set them on fire or reduce their stats. Grapples are very important for land based players as they allow them to board enemy ships, turning any sea fight into a land fight.

Grapple slot

Grapple slot (shown in red)

Grapples are equipped in the grapple slot. Every ship has one grapple slot available.

Grapples have durability, but it never decreases, no matter how many times they're used. Only exception to this rule are grapples used for boarding ships. Once a ship has been boarded, enemy has the ability to directly attack grapples. This attack will reduce grapples durability or in extreme cases, completely destroy it. Durability of player crafted grapples can be recovered, while other grapples require Almighty Repair Kits. Repairing at shipyard boss will decrease their maximum durability which cannot be recovered ever again.

Most of the grapples have weight attribute. While stored in ships inventory, they will take up portion of the ships load. After equipping, they will become weightless, they will not take any of the ships load.

Some grapples can be crafted using Foundry skill. They are mostly sold at Shipyard Bosses around the world. They are also dropped from various pirate smuggling ships and pirate raiding ships.

Grapple typesEdit

Grapples are divided into five types:

  • Grappling hook - used to board enemy ships
  • Mechanical hook - used to slow down enemy ships
  • Greek fire thrower - used to set enemy ships on fire, dealing damage to them
  • Smoke thrower - used to reduce enemy ships cannon accuracy
  • Tracer thrower - used to reduce enemy ships sailor defense

Grapple listEdit

List of all grapples available in game can be found on the page below.