Demonic Armor of the Fallen - Gallery 1

A player wearing Helm of the Fallen

A hat is an item that can be equipped and used to mitigate physical damage.

This sort of item contributes to the characters defense, dodge, HP, SP, damage reduction, critical strike resist rate, parry, willpower, physique and reaction stats

Hat slot

Hat slot (shown in red)

Hats are equipped in the hat slot. Each character has one hat slot.

Hats have durability. Durability decreases proportional to the number of taken hits. Durability of player crafted hats can be recovered, while other hats require Almighty Repair Kits. Repairing at Blacksmith will decrease their maximum durability which cannot be recovered ever again.

Hats have weight attribute and they will take a part of the characters load regardless if they are equipped or not.

Naming Edit

There are dozen of different names used in game to differentiate hat types. Hat is called helmet, cap, headdress, headgear...

Hats list Edit

List of all hats available in game can be found on the page below.

Trivia Edit

  • Characters without clothes and hats equipped will not appear completely naked. Instead, they will appear wearing underwear.
  • Hats can be disabled under Game Features menu. Stats provided by them will be counted, but there will be no visual effects, characters will appear as they were not wearing a hat.