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For Imperial Tomb (not instance) see, see ''Imperial Tomb''.


The Imperial Mausoleum Instance is located in Zhigu/Beijing Suburb.


To enter this instance character profession level must be at least 80.

Entrance requires a map which can be bought from Juice the NPC for 2 Million Silver.


There is one 'daily' quest for this instance which can be taken from Juice the NPC.

The quest is to kill the Protection Beast.

The rewards are 45,000,000 Profession Experience + 40 Original Magnetic Ore + 1 Guild Build Permit.

There is an additional quest inside the instance in which the player can buy a Luoyang Shovel for 2 Million Silver.

This item can be bought from Shiqian the NPC on the first floor.

This item allows the player to access the second floor by killing less monsters. The item works once per instance.


Items that drop in the instance include:

Profession Weapons Level 81-91 (Ordinary) type

Profession Armour and Hats Level 85-95 (Ordinary) type

Profession Weapon Drawings Level 91

Profession Armour and Hat Drawings level 85-95.

Rare Gold

(Old) Stones