Light Escort Ship is a level 4 battle ship.

Characteristics Edit

Sailing in Light Escort Ship on high seas provides 5108 Voyage experience every 10 seconds.


Stat name Number
Hull durability - Small icon Hull durability: 6150
Sail durability - Small icon Sail Durability: 2230
Loading capacity - Small icon Loading capacity: 445.0
Square sail propulsion - Small icon Square sail propulsion: 84.0
Fore and aft sail propulsion - Small icon Fore and aft sail propulsion: 9.0
Oar propulsion - Small icon Oar propulsion: 0.0
Sailor amount - Small icon Sailor amount: 95
Cannon amount - Small icon Cannon amount: 60
Turning speed - Small icon Turning speed: 7.0
*Please note, these are base stats. Actual stats will be higher depending on the ship maneuverability, military and structure levels.

Retrofit Edit

Light Escort Ship cannot be retrofitted because its has no retrofit slots.

Rebuilding Edit

Rebuild locations Edit

Light Escort Ship can be rebuilt at the Shipyard Boss in any of the following locations:

Rebuild requirements Edit

In order to rebuild, ship requires level 30 Military Equipment. Additionally, character rebuilding the ship needs to have level 31 Voyage and level 15 Sea Battle.

Rebuild materials Edit

Icon Item name Amount
Silver Coin - Icon Silver Coin 150,000
Level 2 Timber - Icon Level 2 Timber 40
Level 3 Timber - Icon Level 3 Timber 40
Level 4 Timber - Icon Level 4 Timber 40
Pure Iron - Icon Pure Iron 40
Bronze - Icon Bronze 40
Brass - Icon Brass 40

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Changelog Edit

Version Changelog
0.91 As of this version, it is no longer possible to rebuild this ship in Genoa.