The Mayan Instance is located in Salinas Suburb.


To enter this instance character profession level must be at least 120.

Entrance requires a map which can be bought from an NPC in Salinas Suburb for 35 Million Silver.


There are three 'daily' quests for this instance which can be taken from three NPCs within the instance.

These NPCs appear randomly once the instance is entered so not all quests may be available.

The first quest is to kill the Mayan Evil Mage on the first floor.

The second quest is to kill the Mayan Clan Leader on the second floor.

The third quest is to kill the Mayan King on the third floor.

The rewards are Profession Experience + 1 Guild Build Permit (Third quest only).

There is an extra quest to kill the Evil Beast Trainer. This quest can be taken from a fourth NPC (also random) in the first floor. The reward is a Pet Puma Whistle (Timed).

A bonus quest requires the player to move some stones on the first floor to a specific place. This spawns an extra boss on the first floor.

Another bonus quest requires the player to 'save' four prisoner NPCs on the third floor in a certain time limit. This spawns 4 chests which give extra drops on the third floor. This also spawns two extra bosses on the third floor.


Items that drop in the instance include:

Profession Weapons Level 100-120 (Ordinary) type

Profession Armour and Hats Level 105-120 (Ordinary) type

Profession Weapon Drawings Level 100-120

Profession Armour and Hat Drawings level 105-120

Rare Gold

(Old) Stones

(Ordinary) Stones

Fresh meat

Plants can be found on the ground in the first and second floors.