Jolly Roger

The traditional "Jolly Roger" of piracy

Pirate Bosses are high level NPC's that can be killed for Exploration Log Points, Drawings, Silver, Reputation, Experience and Items such as Chests and Safes.

Pirate Boss nationality can be either Pirate or Non-Pirate. Killing Pirate Bosses will affect Amity in a positive or negative way. Certain Pirate Bosses require a negative Amity with a nation in order to spawn such as Tom Estanbar Katharina and will decrease your amity with every hit or upon being killed.

Pirate Bosses are divided up into three groups. Certain Pirate Bosses require trade goods to be on the player's ship in order to be spawned such as Barbarossa II and Emanuel Wynne to name a few.

First GroupEdit

These Pirate Bosses have to be lured with trade goods. Pirate Bosses are on a timed spawn, depending on their level they can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minutes to spawn. The Pirate Bosses in the First Group are Barbarossa II, Emanuel Wynne, Tom Estanbar Katharina*, William Dampier, Ali Rajah, Klaus Stortebeker, Thomas Tew, Francis Drake*, Murayama Toan*, Hilton Laces, Edward Teach (Blackbeard), William Kidd, Tokisada Amakusa Shiro and Oji.

Pirate Bosses marked with an asterisk(*) require negative Amity with a nation and attacking them will result in losing Amity with their nation.

Second GroupEdit

In the Second Group the Pirates are John Hawkins, Bartholomeus Roberts, Gotheborg Honorable Level Frigate, Glory Level Frigate, General Charly Will and General Cruz. These Pirate Bosses are really hard and their spawns are timed.

Third GroupEdit

This is the hardest Group and is Level Based. The Pirate Bosses in this group include Ran. De. Bellive's Lioness Ship, Henry. Ivellis Fantasy Ship, Wansaofens Cracking Lighter Aboard Ship, George. Ansheens Urniknio Ship, Savage henry. Morgans Flagship, Laboos Eagle Ship, Edward. Davids Flagship, Bloodblade Nibeto. Bonitos Flagship and Tippi. Tipoos Flagship.

Tips and TricksEdit

For best possible rewards it is recommended to board and kill the Pirate Boss on deck in order to get drops from the captain and ship drops. Pirates will only drop drawings on deck and can drop ship upgrades when sunk. Killing the Pirate Boss on deck will result the ship to sink like any other ship.

A really good tactic to farm Pirate Bosses for Exploration Log Points is to get negative Amity with a nation and kill the Pirate Boss(es) that you need and go to a battlefield and get your Amity back to a positive standing by sinking pirate ships and pirate flagships in the battlefield. This way you wont be harassed by nation ships on the high seas and guards in the cities.

Pirate Bosses usually wont Ram your ship unless you ram them first. It is not recommended to attack them with the ram since they almost always will kill you in one hit.

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