The Raging Boreas Class - Battleship.


A list of base stats: Template:Table ship stats


Rebuild locationsEdit

The Raging Boreas Class - Battleship can be rebuilt at the Shipyard Boss in any of the following locations:

Rebuild materialsEdit

A list of all materials required for the rebuild:

Icon Item name Amount
Silver Coin - Icon
Silver Coin 150,000,000
Level 12 Cold Ingot - Icon
Level 12 Cold Ingot 100
Level 12 Eaglewood Complex - Icon
Level 12 Eaglewood Complex 100
Olihakan Metal - Icon
Olihakan Metal 10
Olihakan Crystal - Icon
Olihakan Crystal 4
Exact Apparatus - Icon
Exact Apparatus 20
Floral Gilt Steel Ingot - Icon
Floral Gilt Steel Ingot 4
Moonstone - Icon
Moonstone 8