A ram is a weapon carried by varied types of ships used to to puncture the hull and sink, or at least disable, enemy ships.

Ram is a permanent item which is used to inflict damage on enemy ships. Players are able to ram enemy ships by using their own ships equipped with ram. More sturdier the ram, more damage it inflicts. Few other factors are included, for example ships speed. Exact formula for calculating the damage can be found on damage calculation page.

This sort of item contributes to ships ramming force. This stat cannot be upgraded using refining stones. Ram cannot be refined at all.

Ram slot

Ram slot (shown in red)

Rams are equipped in the ram slot. Every ship has one ram slot.

Rams have durability, but it never decreases, no matter how many times they're used. That makes them permanent items that never have to be taken off and repaired.

Rams have weight attribute. While stored in ships inventory, they will take up portion of the ships load. After equipping, they will become weightless, they will not take any of the ships load.

Only a few rams can be crafted using Foundry skill. They are mostly sold at Shipyard Bosses around the world. They are also dropped from various pirate bosses.

Ram list Edit

List of all rams available in game can be found on the page below.