A sea mine is a self-contained explosive device placed in water to damage or destroy ships.

Sea mines are items which are used to cause damage to hostile ships in sea battle. At the time when Voyage Century was introduced for the first time, mines were very popular among players merchants because they were a good way to cause damage to raiding ships while trying to escape from them. Since Colony Age version, sea mines were becoming less important. Output damage was too low compared to the amount of hull newer ships had. This difference is even greater now and it got to a point where mines are completely obsolete.

Sea mine typesEdit

There are 5 types of mines:

  • Mechanical mines - they will explode in limited range after entering their triggering radius.
  • Sticky mines - they will adhere to hostile ships passing by them and explode after 10 seconds.
  • Half-submerged mines - they will become invisible to hostile ships and explode after being triggered.
  • Timed mines - they will explode automatically after 20 seconds.
  • Cross wave mines - they will explode in 20 seconds after being triggered.

Later this type of division was abandoned and replaced with mixed type armors.

Sea mine list Edit

List of all sea mines available in game can be found on the page below.

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