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Ship is a vessel manned by NPC or player captains. Ships can be used for trading, combat, transport and exploration. Each character can hold up to 5 ships. Ships are divided into 3 different classes based upon the purpose of the ship.


Battle shipEdit

Battle ships are usually manned by combat-ready captains. These ships are used by the Ares Warrior Alliance for defeating pirate smugglers and raiders. Battle class vessels usually have large amount of cannons, sometimes twice as much as other ships. They're also heavily armored and capable of withstanding heavy damage.

Merchant ShipEdit

Merchant ships are manned by merchants. These ships are capable of carrying large amounts of goods, but are vulnerable to attack due to the lack of cannons they can hold.

Adventure shipEdit

Adventure ships are used for exploration due to their large amount of sailors. They are often called raider ships because of their speed. Raider ships are mostly used by pirates who plunder passing merchant ships.

List of the available ships divided by classesEdit

Battle ship
Merchant ship
Adventure ship
1 Light Armed Ship Checkmark Light Freighter Checkmark Light Raiding Ship Checkmark
2 Armed Patrol Ship Checkmark Light Merchant Ship Checkmark Multi Mast Raiding Ship Checkmark
3 Light Frigate Ship Checkmark Light Armed Galleon Checkmark Fast Raiding Ship Checkmark
4 Light Escort Ship Checkmark Medium Freighter Checkmark Lateen Raiding Ship Checkmark
5 Medium Armed Battleship Medium Trading Ship Medium Raiding Ship
6 Heavy Escort Ship Medium Armed Merchant Ship Medium Fast Raiding Ship
7 Destroyer Heavy Freighter Armed Raiding Ship
8 Cruiser Heavy Trading Ship Armed Fast Raiding Ship
9 Zheng He Official Ship Armed Trading Ship Colossal Mediterranean Oar Sailboat
10 Armoured Battleship Checkmark Zheng He Treasure Ship Checkmark Colossal Korean Turtle Shaped Ship Checkmark
Intensified Armed Warship Ocean armed Trade Ship Giant armed Oared Sailboat
11 Minglun Double Mast Gunboat Ocean Multi Mast Trade Ship Armored Multi Mast Trade Ship
12 Royal Multi Mast Armor Ship Heavy Multi Mast Trade Ship Multi Mast Ghost Ship
Guardian Multi Mast Vessel
Royal Multi Mast Armor Ship
13 Apollo Escort Ship The Gravy Freight Poseidon Interceptor
Ares' Battle Ship
Black Pearl War Fleet Wanli’s Blessed Ship Mediterranean Wave-Rider
Sea Barrier
Bismark Class Warship
14 Raging Boreas Class-Battleship None available 7-Seas Cruiser
Everlasting Black Pearl War Ship Columbus-Class Escort Ship
New York Pioneer Battleship Magellan-Class Cruiser
James-Class Battleship Darwin-Class Cruiser
15 Royal Armored Battleship None available Administrator's Raiding Ship
16 Only available in Chinese version

Special ships
1 Dragon Head Gunboat
Caraoelle Sailboat


Every ship has 3 skills, Maneuverability, Structure and Military Equipment. In order to upgrade ship to a higher level, certain levels of these skills must be reached.

They will also provide extra stats. Each maneuverability level adds extra 20 sail durability Each structure level adds extra 40 hull durability and 5 load. Each military equipment level adds extra 10 hull durability and 10 sail durability.