Caraoelle Sailboat with Ship Armour

Caraoelle Sailboat with Ship Armour

A ship armor, also called shield, is an item used to intercept attacks by stopping projectiles such as cannonballs.

This sort of item contributes to the ships hull damage reduction, sail damage reduction, sailor damage reduction, ramming damage reduction, ship dodge rate and cannon hit rate. These stats cannot be upgraded using refining stones. Ship armor cannot be refined at all.

Ship armor slot

Ship armor slot (shown in red)

Ship armors are equipped in the ship armor slot. Every ship has one ship armor slot.

Most of the ship armors have their own durability. Durability decreases proportional to the damage received. Durability of player crafted ship armors can be recovered, while other ship armors require Almighty Repair Kits. Repairing at Shipyard Boss will decrease their maximum durability which cannot be recovered ever again. Some special ship armors like the 7-Sea Shield do not have durability and do not need to be repaired.

Most of the ship armors have weight attribute. While stored in ships inventory, they will take up portion of the ships load. After equipping, they will become weightless, they will not take any of the ships load.

Ship armors can be crafted using Ship-building skill. They are also dropped in various battlefields and instances from various ships.

Ship armor typesEdit

Ship armors were originally divided into three types:

  • Cannon proof armor - provides extra hull protection.
  • Sail proof armor - provides extra sail protection.
  • Ram proof armor - provides extra ramming protection.

Later this type of division was abandoned and replaced with mixed type armors.

Ship armor listEdit

List of all ship armors available in game can be found on the page below.