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Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter depiction

The Treasure Hunter is one of the five character professions available. Treasure Hunter specialize in using gun weapons. Their main strength lies in dealing rapid damage from a distance.

Land Battle Edit

The Treasure Hunter is primarily a range combat DPS profession that specializes in dealing large amounts of damage to a single target. Their ability to dish out damage an makes them an important member of any group, whether PvP or PvE.

Sea Battle Edit

The Treasure Hunter sea battle skills are mainly focused on speed. Their main strength is ramming. They are also specialized in deploying sea mines.

Land Skills Edit

Enhanced Gun SkillEnhanced SnipingEnhanced Rapid FireEnhanced Wounding ShotFocusMind's EyeThunder and LighteningEnhanced Kiss of Holy GunDisclosureFuryArmor KnowledgeLonger Shot RangeRapid RunPuzzleChaotic ShotShock ShotPenetrating ShotLeapTreasure Hunter - Land Skills
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