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This Wiki is dedicated to IGG's Voyage Century Online game. It can also be used as reference for all other versions of this game including Bounty Bay Online, although some of the information may not be accurate. This Wiki is dedicated to being the best resource for all information on the game. If you have any knowledge to contribute, by all means, please help us out in collecting information.

Voyage Century Wiki currently contains 573 articles.


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All pages can be edited and you are welcome to join us and contribute to this wiki. Everyone is free to create a new page or edit an existing one. If you have any questions about the wiki or helping out, you can ask one of the administrators.

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  • If you want to help but you're not sure where to start, try improving the various stub articles by expanding them.
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Voyage skill - Icon Voyage

Voyage is one of the 17 character skills available. It is categorized as basic skill. Voyage is mainly used as a requirement for sailing ships. The maximum level this skill can reach is 120. Voyage offers 3 different stunt skills called Alert, Pursuit and Full Speed which are very useful in sea battles.


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